Optimising the driving behaviour of your fleet

Recent studies have demonstrated the importance of high driving behaviour standards to business organisations – but how can these standards be best achieved?

Changing an employee’s driving behaviour, after all, is no easy task.  Success in doing so, delivering a notable improvement in performance standards, can nevertheless help to unlock the door to more effective cost and road risk management.

Among the much-vaunted techniques advanced for bringing about behavioural change is the concept of gamification. But what is actually meant by the term? What is the science behind this popular buzzword? And what does it mean in practice for fleet operators?

The telematics solution for fleet

A fleet manager informed by both human psychology and fleet data can achieve great things.

Telematics technology can empower drivers, providing them with the tools that ‘trigger’ and offer the ‘ability’ to help improve their driving behaviour and performance behind the wheel.

All the while, incentivising employees – through a rewards programme, for example, or through the compilation and publication of league tables that compare the performance of drivers against their peers – can spark competition and establish the ‘motivation’ to improve.

It has been proven by many studies that adopting a fleet management solution for the vehicle fleet of your business, will increase the productivity of your employees and also would reduce your operating expenses and your workload!

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