Telic Picotrack are now supported!

We are glag to announce that Telic PicoTrack GPS Tracker devices are now supported through our GPS Tracking Software!  If you already possess or you are interested to purchase a  Telic PicoTrack GPS Tracker, our real time tracking softwareis the suitable solution in order to track it in real time thorugh the web!

More precise the models we support from Telic PicoTrack are:

  • Endurance Primary
  • Endurance Rechargeable
  • Endurance Solar
  • Power
  • SafeDrive

In order to configure your Telic PicoTrack device to report on our servers simply configure your device to report on:

Domain Name/IP:
Port: 11920

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New Map Layers!


Concox GT06N and GT06D is now supported!

One of the most famous and best selling GPS Tracker devices, the Concox GT06N and GT06D model is now supported from our pioneer GPS Tracking Software!

If you own a GPS Tracker device from Concoxmanufacturer and more precise the model GT06N and GT06D, you are able to track these devices through our GPS tracking platform. In addition, we would like to inform you that many models of Concox are supported through our online platform, and you can see the entire list browsing our supported list.

Closing in order to locate and track your Teltonika GPS Tracker device through our GPS Tracking Software, follow the below steps:

  • Create your account visiting our GPS Tracking Software.
  • Configure your device to report on the following settings:

Port: 10202

In case you need any assistance feel free to contact us!

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Advanced GeoCoder feature!

We are glad to announce that on the latest software update we released,  an advanced GeoCoder has been added on our pioneer GPS Tracking Software! Full address details are now available!

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Fleet Management |

Why you need Fleet Management solution

As the years passes by, many things tend to change, grow and develop. A such thing is your business and the way you operate and handle your daily working procedures. Technology is changing rapidly and in order to be able to follow the latest technological advancements, you have to adopt modern solutions that would help you optimise the way you used to work until now and increase the productivity of your business.

Our fleet management solution is capable to provide your business a great tool that would optimise the way you used to operate so far and also, will boost your employees productivity. One of the greatest advantages for adopting a fleet management solution, is that you would get actual control of your assets. Locate and track in real time your business vehicles and acquire crucial information, direct driven from their daily routes.

Blueprints regarding the fuel consumption, the engine start hour and the detailed route the driver has chosen, will help you optimise your routes, achieve better delivery times and reduce the fuel expenses. Step up from your competitors by providing better services with our fleet management solution.

Take real control of your assets with installing a gps tracker device, optimise your workload and in total offer better services. Contact us now and find out how a online fleet management solution can be beneficial for your business.

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