Three New Map Layers in our GPS Tracking Software!

We are thrilled to announce a great improvement in our pioneer GPS Tracking Software, that will help all our customers enjoy better online tracking experience! The three new beautiful and useful map layers has been added on our GPS Tracking application and we are thrilled about it!

All three new map layers are available for our exisitng and new users! Have a look on these maps and let us know what you think!


1) The TP Map.

A fresh and yet powerful map option which listens on the name “TP_Map”. This map is a creation of our engineers and we are excited to present it on the public! Pale colours and eye friendly colours makes this map the ideal solution for a continuous tracking experience!

2) OSM Variation Map.

A familiar variation of the well known (and well used) OSM map, which is presented via the Open Street Map. The changes we made here is to add a different kind of styling presented directly from the OSM library. Note that this new layer is available under the name “OSM Map”, while the classic OSM map is still available under the name “OSM_Classic”.


3) Yandex Map re-designed.

A minor but very meaningful improvement we made this week, was to completely re-design the Yandex map, so it looks much better than the previous version of it! In more details, we now use the satellite version of it we trully believe that it is much better than the previous one! What is your opinion!

As always your opinion means a lot to all of us here in Tracking Platform, so feel free to contact us and share your comments regarding this or any other improvement we made on our tracking application. Finally don’t forget that on our website you will find solutions for:

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