Which are the differences between user accounts?

Our GPS Tracking Software offers different account privileges, with the most common types of accounts being user and viewer. The difference between these two accounts is that the viewer account is a user which can only see results without the possibility to do any changes to his account. Like it is mentioned in its name, it is a viewing only account.

The user account, on the other hand, is a regular user with the possibility to manage his own account. A user account can create events, create new zones, edit the details of his objects and various other tasks!

How can i view the expiration date of my vehicles?

In order to view your vehicles’ expiration date (in some cases it might be different from your account’s expiration date), all you have to do is click on the “Settings” tab (top left corner). On the new window that will appear, you can see the expiration date of your vehicles, just like it is shown on the image below:


How can i delete a GPS Tracker device?

In case you want to delete a GPS Tracker device from your account on Tracking Platform, simply follow the below steps:

  • Open the “Settings” tab of the software (see how).
  • On the new window that appears, click the delete icon like it is shown on the image below.

These objects will be deleted and you will no longer be able to track them.


How can i add markers?

Adding markers on your account is an easy way to better understand the route your objects made. To be precise, markers provides you with additional information regarding the locations on the maps, and they are mostly used in order to add POI (point of interests) like the location of clients, the location of suppliers/providers and more.

In order to start adding markers, simply click on the “Places” tab and then click on the “Markers” tab (both of them are highlighted with blue square). Then click on the “Add Marker” button which is highlighted with blue square!



Once you click the “Add Marker” button ,a new window will appear and you can choose a name, a short description, a group to assign the marker to and also the marker’s icon ( or even add an icon of your choice). Then all that remains is click on the map to add the marker of your choice, and click save.

How can i view different colors based on the status of my vehicles?

Our tracking software gives you the option to view different colors on the homepage, based on the status of your vehicles. This feature is very useful because you can easily distinguish the status of your vehicles , based on the color they have. In order to enable this feature:


  • Open the settings of your account (see how).
  • On the new window that appears, click on the “User Interface” tab and scroll at the object list column, which is highlighted with blue square on the image below



Once you choose the colors you want for each occasion,and tick the checkbox for each occasion, click the save button at the top right corner. Now you will see your objects with a background color like the one on the below image.



How can i create sub-accounts?

The easiest and fastest way to create a sub user, is to click the “My account” panel (top right corner, highlighted with blue square) and on the new window that will open click on the “Sub accounts” tab, which is highlighted with blue square.

Then you can click the “+” button at the left corner.



After you click the “Add” button the following window will show up.



Now you can  create sub-users and fill in the text fields with their email, password, expiration date and many more.

How can i create notification alerts?

Notification alerts help you get notified instantly when a vehicle (or a set of vehicles) perform some actions like overspeed, geofence-out, lose connection with the server etc. In order to create a notification alert, click the “Events” tab at the top left corner (highlighted with blue square). From the new window that appears, you can create quickly the notification alert you wish!



How can i edit the settings of my vehicles?

In order to edit the settings of your vehicles you have to click the “Settings” tab at the top left corner of your screen, as it is shown on the image below:



How can i create a GeoFence zone?

Step 1: Setup Zone.

In order to create a GeoFence zone from the login screen, navigate to “Places”, then go to “Zones” tab and finally press the “Add Zone” button. Zone properties window will appear. Enter the name of the zone and choose a color in which marker will be visible on the map.



Step 2: Draw Zone.

Using the cursor of your mouse, “click” on any geographical location you want to create the GeoFence zone, just like it is shown in the below figure.
NOTE: In order to draw the zone, you will need to click with the mouse the points you want to draw.