How can i use the chat feature?

You can use the live chat feature our tracking software offers, in order to communicate with the device (smartphone or tablet) you install our mobile tracking application. To start a live chat conversation, simply press the live chat icon from our software, as it shows below:




The user of the smartphone application, will receive a notification and he will be able to reply via the mobile tracking application.

Does the application require access on the internet?

Yes, our mobile tracking applications require access to the Internet in order to send the location of the smartphone to our tracking software.

What is secret mobile tracking application?

Our secret mobile tracking application, you can locate and track a smartphone without the user knowing that is being monitored. The application will appear as a battery saver icon and once you open it nothing will reveal that it is a tracking application.

In order to access the menu of the secret tracking application, you must tab 3 times at the top left corner as it is shown in the image below:


How many smartphones can i track?

There isn’t any limitation, it depends on the membership plan you will purchase.

Will this app work on my Tablet?

If your tablet uses Android as its operating system, then it will work fine.

How can i download the mobile tracking application?

If you want to download our mobile tracking and tablet tracking applications, simply visit our mobile tracking page and click the download button!