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Together we can accomplish great things. Our vision is to provide a high quality of services, with consistency, effectiveness, and professionalism. To participate actively and develop our operating areas. To create solid and lasting relationships with our partners.

Earn the trust of your customers as an expert in solutions to enable fleet management work styles, and earn incentives recognizing your commitment and success. Help enterprise customers to plan and deliver innovative business solutions, leveraging the fleet management and GPS tracking approach. We focus on nurturing our team and providing our team an environment that is conducive to creative thought. We focus on eliminating stress and pressure so our team can think clearly and creatively. Apply to become a business partner of Track-Platform and join our team. We are looking for people with the willingness to work and create a great business. Because this is what we do; Great things.


Whether you’re entry-level or executive-level, we encourage the sharing of best practices and new ideas to steer the Tracking Platform in the right direction.


We continue to expand in various locations all over the world, in order to build a strong worldwide presence


People drive our success. That’s why we invest so much into our people. Our diversity of talent creates a perspective that sets us apart others.

Why become a business partner

We offer complete fleet management services both for companies and individuals. As a partner of our company, you will be responsible to acquire new customers who want to install a GPS Tracker device and/or adopt a fleet management solution. The communication with your customers will be exclusively your responsibility.

From our side, we will offer you complete training around the GPS Tracker devices and the Fleet Management solution, and custom-made solutions according your customer needs. Either you want to start an entirely new career of simply find a part-time job, our Partnership solution is the ideal solution that would fit all your needs. Work from distance or work from your home and increase your income. Join our team and create a strong long-term career.

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