Real Time Tracking Software

We have designed and created a pioneer user-friendly online GPS Tracking Software, that will help you manage your fleet of vehicles and optimize the way you used to work until now!


Complete Fleet Management Solution

Locate and track your vehicles in real-time through the web from any location in the world! Generate various reports directly driven from your vehicles and increase your productivity!

Mobile Tracking Application

With our pioneer mobile tracking applications, you can turn your Android smartphone into a GPS Tracker device! Track your smartphone from the web in real time!

Our services will offer you:

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Locate and track your entire fleet of vehicles in real time through our pioneer tracking software from any location in the world and from your smartphone as well!

Detailed Reports

Our tracking application will provide you detailed reports directly driven from your vehicles! Get actual control of your assets and optimize the way you used to work until now!

Instant notifications

Get notified instantly for various aspects of your vehicles via push notifications,  e-mails and SMS. Now you can always be aware for the behavior of your vehicles when it really happens!

Reduced expenses

Our services can guarantee that in the very first months of use, you will reduce the monthly expenses of your business and you will increase your productivity!

Increased productivity

Through our pioneer GPS Tracking application, you will increase the productivity of your employees and you will optimize your current workflow. Take actual control of your assets today!

Better insights

Our services can provide you with critical insights about your vehicles and the way they operate daily. View all the aspects of your assets and understand in depth your actual needs!