Real Time Tracking Platform Software

Real Time Tracking Platform Software

We have design and create a pioneer user-friendly online GPS Tracking Platform, that will help you manage your fleet of vehicles and optimize the way you used to work until now! Our tracking software is web-based, which means that can be accessed from any device and any browser on any location in the world!

Our online web-based fleet tracking software provides you with an easy-to-use monitoring dashboard and accurate statistics directly driven from the GPS Tracker device of your fleet! Learn the exact location of your vehicles and the fuel consumption, with just a few clicks! The “History” feature will allow you to display the route of the vehicle in different ways: visually on the map, in a graph or in html/xls format! With the very useful “Event” feature of our tracking software, you will have the ability to receive instant sms/email notifications, which are triggered by different event types such as: Overspeed, door open, Geo-Fence, RFID passengers, fuel sensors, iButton and more.

In addition through our online Tracking Platform software, you can retrieve detailed reports about driving activity, trips, vehicle stops and duration of them, fuel monitoring and many more crucial information.

Reports will help to analyze big amount of data for your fleet and will provide better efficiency for your business. Reports can be exported or sent instantly to email addresses in html/xls format.

Furthermore our Tracking Platform support various types of sensors for your GPS Tracker device. So either you want to connect an RFID sensor, a fuel sensor, a door sensor or even a engine sensor, you can add it on our Platform fast, easy and without any fuss. Additionally you can set up a custom sensor condition with the type to be either: Value, Logic, String or Percentage. Real time GPS tracking solution has never been easier!

Click the “Demo Login” button below in order to login as a demo user and have a look at our online Tracking software. Register for a 7 days free trial, by clicking the “Register free” button.

*Our Tracking Platform Software is also available on white label solution. Click here for more details!

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Adopting a GPS Tracking solution for your fleet, will provide you with unlimited advantages for you and your company. View some features that would be beneficial for your company and would optimize the way you used to work until now.

Miltilanguage Software

Our Tracking Software is available in more than 25 popular languages!

Incredibly Flexible

Everything on our platform can be configured just like you want it, according your preferences.

Multiple user accounts

Through our Tracking Software a user can add multiple sub-users!

24/7 Support!

We provide on all our customers 24/7 support, so we can help you when you really need it!