Online Tracking Platform, Mobile Tracking & Fleet Management solutions!

We offer you a complete GPS Tracking Platform solution, which in co-existence with the Teltonika GPS Tracker devices we provide, will help you manage your fleet of vehicles and optimize the way you used to work until now. Implementing a fleet management approach into your business vehicles, will increase your employees productivity, and in addition you will acquire critical and useful reports about the behavior of your vehicles.

Our online web-based fleet software provides you with an easy-to-use monitoring dashboard, which helps you retrieve valuable insights & crucial information driven directly through your vechiles! Real time GPS tracking solution through our pioneer Tracking Platform software. Take control of your assets and optimize the way you used to work until now!

Why Choose Us

Pioneer Tracking Software

We have design a flexible, secure and user friendly Tracking Platform Software, capable to reform and improve the productivity of your employees and your company in overall.  More details about our Tracking Software can be found here.

24/7 Available Support

When you need support you need it at that particular time. Having that in mind here in Track Platform, we have our support channels available in 24/7 basis. No more waiting and frustration. Support and guidance right when you need it!

GPS Tracker device compatibility

The software of Track Platform is designed to communicate with a wide variety of GPS Tracker devices, so you have the flexibility to use any device from any manufacturer you choose. More than 200 GPS Tracker devices are supported from our software! Click here to view the list of our supported devices.

About us

Track Platform is a global ISO certified business firm, with strong presence across the globe. Over the years, our solutions have improved & optimized the way thousands of people operate all over the world.

Our well trained staff is dedicated to offer you state of the art fleet management -and not only- services, with the quality that a accompanies the spirit of Track Platform.

We are dedicated to offer you complete fleet management & real time tracking solutions. Either you are an individual company or a large corporate firm, we will offer you the best possible solution with guaranteed results.

All our solutions -among with our pioneer Tracking Platform Software- have been designed and created having mind in mind the usefulness and the ease of the end user.

Track-Platform is all about the brainpower behind the solutions we develop. If you are passionate and want an international career that offers you the opportunity to work with the best, apply today.

Browse the current job openings of Track-Platform, in various locations all over the world.

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